About Microleverage

Microleverage was developed through critical assessments and a clear understanding of the challenges facing entrepreneurial development in Africa. This understanding is a result of extensive developmental studies in the continent, and the requisites for improving the economic status of the people.

Unlike some organizations that are already in existence throughout Africa, We are not merely a microcredit company, a poverty alleviation outfit, or a community development initiative, nevertheless, our strategies will achieve all of these. This is due to the fact that our services, being bespoke for each stakeholder/member of this community, cover a wider spectrum of the activities of other players mentioned above.

We have thus defined our target market in one single phrase – ‘they do not qualify as formal sector entities’ and as such are erstwhile ‘un-served’ or ‘under-served’ by all the orthodox business support/facilitation processes available. Our focus then is to redesign world-class financial and business services to suit participants and stakeholders in the informal sector of the African economy.

To this end, our clients include the individual, businesses, communities, financial institutions, governments and non-governmental bodies.

We Engage

> Agent Banking Network
> Outreach Centres
> Product Development

We Nurture

> Business Incubators
> Entrepreneural Development services
> Learning Interventions

We Empower

> Flexsuites and Virtual Offices
> Financial Intermediation
> Market Access/Linkages