Our Services

We provide numerous services to our clients towards opening them to opportunities available for running sustainable businesses. All our services are however constructed around access to the following cardinal resources:

• Financial services
• Technical and Infrastructural Inputs
• Information
• Technology
• Markets

We are concerned with:

• Providing our clients with access to resources
• Providing capacity development and consultancy services to our clients
• Providing business support and development services to our clients
• Provision of infrastructural solution to our clients
• Providing our clients with access to technical assistance
• Entrepreneurial development solutions
• Providing Innovative service delivery channels
• Providing our clients with wealth creation and protection solutions
• Providing inclusive governmental initiatives
• Financial products development

We Engage

> Agent Banking Network
> Outreach Centres
> Product Development

We Nurture

> Business Incubators
> Entrepreneural Development services
> Learning Interventions

We Empower

> Flexsuites and Virtual Offices
> Financial Intermediation
> Market Access/Linkages

Microleverage will strive to serve...
...a target market that can best be described as 'economically active entities' who do not qualify as formal sector players.